About Komodo

  • About Komodo

    Komodo Islands is part of the Republic of Indonesia. It is situated between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. It has a rich biodiversity evidenced by its flora and fauna.

    With the vastness of the area and the natural resource of the place, Komodo Islands also have become a haven for divers. There are more than 35 diving sites around the island that will offer any diving enthusiasts much pleasure and will make one’s vacation a meaningful one. The marine diversity will really make one’s diving experience breathtaking as one could witness a lot of sea creatures like dolphins, mantas, pygmy seahorses, sea quirts, on top of the magnificent coral reefs.

  • Weather

    Practically the weather in Komodo Islands is dry and sunny for most time of the year. The place experiences some heavy rains when the monsoon winds during the months of December to March bring about heavy downpour. From April to November of every year are considered as Komodo Islands’ dry season.

  • Getting There

    One can reach Komodo Islands in two ways:

    1. Via Air
    The gateway location will be Bali, Indonesia. One can make arrangement with his or her travel agency of choice to book a flight going to Bali as there are no direct flights to Komodo Islands. From Bali, one can take a domestic flight either to Labuan Bajo in the island of Flores or to Bima which is part of the island of Sumbawa. During the peak season in July and August there are ferry services from Bima to Komodo Islands. For the rest of the year, local operators are arranging shared boat services that will take visitors to Komodo Islands from Labuan bajo or from Bima.

    2. Via Boat
    There are liveaboards from Bali, Indonesia that will one to Komodo Islands. This is a whole year service as there are no off season for liveaboards. Also, one can enjoy the travel with yacht or private boat through the coordination with proper travel agency for a well manage itinerary during the visit.

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    Useful Language

    Bahasa Indonesia is the official and the national language of Indonesia. However in most tourist destination sites like Komodo Islands, English is widely spoken.


    Q1. When is the best time to visit Komodo Islands?

    A1. The whole year is the best time to go to Komodo Islands. Though some travel operators are saying that the best time to visit Komodo Islands is between March to June and between October and December.

    Q2. What is the legal document that I need when I visit Komodo Island?

    A2. A passport that should be valid for 6 months from the start of trip is required. A tourist visa for 7 to 30 days is issued upon arrival for some tourists who are citizens of some listed countries. It is advised that tourists must seek information from the Indonesian embassies in their countries for the visa requirements.

    Q3. What is the currency in Komodo Islands?

    A3. The local currency used is the Indonesian Rupiah.

    Q4. What’s the proper clothing to wear while in Komodo Islands?

    A4. Just like most tourist areas, shorts and t-shirts which are light and comfortable to wear are acceptable in the place.