Dive Resorts

  • Komodo Dive Resorts

    -A wonderful experience from liveaborads in Komodo Island, you will be amazed with their extraordinary stationary ships that serves as resort wherein you can stay as you are on the place. A total satisfaction will be achieved while staying on the place because you will feel at home due to the great accommodation and unbeatable hostility. This remarkable place will serve as a great opportunity to fulfill your dreams not only in diving but in overall stay at Komodo Dive Place.

  • Blue Dragon

    Blue Dragon

    Blue Dragon offers comfortable liveaboard boats that are affordably suitable for your budget. These will fulfill your diving and snorkeling desires and needs in Komodo National park and around.

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  • MV Tarata

    MV Tarata

    MV Tarata is known for its clean and comfy liveaboard vessel and professional friendly crew.

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  • Queen Scuba

    Queen Scuba

    MV Queen Scuba is a big liveaboard that offers different cabins suited for your needs and wants. These are standard (on the lower deck), VIP and Master (on the main deck). All of these are air-conditioned and have bathrooms with hot and cold water.

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