Dive Sites

  • Komodo Dive Sites

    -Komodo Island is famous for being the home of Komodo Dragons, located in Indonesia and became an educational place for UNESCO and had been proclaimed as Komodo National Park. Having a lot of purposes and activities to perform, this place become one of the most visited place not only in Indonesia but also in ASIA. Both the Island and dive site are remarkable and perfect for its abundance with extraordinary species and resources.

  • Batu Bolong

    Batu Bolong

    One of the famous signature dive site in komodo, Batu Bolong; where the nautical life here is filled of event. It is must to be seen because the top of the reef is sheltered with thousand of Anthias, colorful soft corals and reef fishes

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  • Cannibal Rock

    Cannibal Rock

    Cannibal Rock is one of the top and world class scuba diving sites in Komodo. It is located at the south of Rinca Island and just about 1km off the northern coast, close to Nusa Kode.

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  • End of the World (Tala)

    End of the World (Tala)

    Tala is small angular island in Langkoi bay that offers several outstanding dive spot; one of the southern Komodo liveaboard diving place.

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  • Gili Lawa

    Gili Lawa

    There are several dive sites in northern part of Gili Lawa Laut, Komodo Island. Crystal rock, Castle Rock and Lighthouse are just few of the nice spot that have fine hard and soft coral cover and swarms of schooling fish.

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  • GPS Point

    GPS Point

    GPS Point is considered as the top scuba diving spot here in Komodo. This site is actually the submerged rock of Banta Island, the largest bay of the North West part. Here you can easily see or identify sharks in just only one dive.

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  • Manta Alley

    Manta Alley

    If you want to see a magnificent giant fish, here in Manta Alley is the recommended dive site where you will find large concentration of manta rays in the ocean.

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  • Pillarsteen


    If you’re looking for a great dive site, Pillarsteen is the best choice to spend your holiday vacation. You will enjoy each dive because this site is covered with several types of colourful corals and sponges.

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  • Red Beach

    Red Beach

    If you want to experience an excellent diving or snorkeling, Red Beach in Komodo offers a nice place for you to relax and see the wonderful underwater life. It is called Red Beach because most of the sand is red in color.

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  • Tatawa Island

    Tatawa Island

    Diving at the north of komodo, you’ll find this dive spot that consist of two island and these are the Tatawa Besar and Tatawa Kecil. The two islands offer a great opportunity of fun diving.

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  • White Angels

    White Angels

    One of the prominent dive sites that have beautiful scenery in Komodo; White Angels can be found in North West of Gili Bata in Komodo, in which steep reef and wall can be seen at best early morning.

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  • Yellow Wall of Texas

    Yellow Wall of Texas

    Yellow Wall of Texas is one of the well admired dive sites in the east coast of Nusa Kode, south of Rinca Island.

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