Batu Bolong

  • Batu Bolong

    One of the famous signature dive site in komodo, Batu Bolong; where the nautical life here is filled of event. It is must to be seen because the top of the reef is sheltered with thousand of Anthias, colorful soft corals and reef fishes

    Diving underwater is more pleasurable; many of sea creatures down the steep walls can be seen occasional like Giant Trevallies, large school of Rainbows Runner, Napoleons Wrasses, Dogtooth Tunas and Sharks while Nudibranches is found in shallow reef part.

    Here you can find the main highlights of the site that features steeper sloping slides that can be found in northern part of komodo. In this site, you can easily get an idea of what is a reef fish all about.

    Location: Northern in Komodo
    Conditions: Can be rough
    Visibility: 15 to 25 meters
    Depth: 5 to 40 meters