Cannibal Rock

  • Cannibal Rock

    Cannibal Rock is one of the top and world class scuba diving sites in Komodo. It is located at the south of Rinca Island and just about 1km off the northern coast, close to Nusa Kode.

    In fact, this site is really famous for its wide-ranging and lively invertebrate life. Normally red gorgonian fans, red pigmy seahorses and ghost pipefish are common during cold water flow. Uncommon sighted here is the lacey scorpion fish. The fish life here usually put an amazing view like an assortment of scorpion fishes, surgeon fishes and schools of red snappers. Numerous surprises are fire urchins with a Coleman shrimp and flamboyantly painted nudibranchs. You’ll find massive blue and green wonderful anemones swaying back and forth in the diving section at the south. Abundant Sea apples are decorated their bodies in amazing maroon, they use to filter feed on plankton with studded golden beads with cream tentacles. Green turtles and Black snappers are also common.

    Night dives are excellent for effortless diving with little current.