GPS Point

  • GPS Point

    GPS Point is considered as the top scuba diving spot here in Komodo. This site is actually the submerged rock of Banta Island, the largest bay of the North West part. Here you can easily see or identify sharks in just only one dive.

    A depth of 5 meters, you can find nudibranchs, snowflake morays, spider, cowries, cuttlefish, hermit crabs and scorpionfish. There is also school of barracudas, tuna, jacks and surgeon fish that attracts most of the divers. You can also encounter Napoleon Wrasse, Hammerhead Sharks, and some of the common batfish, snappers, batfish, white-tips, nurse sharks and grey reef sharks while diving around the area.

    Be surprise of the wonderful dive that GPS Point offer, a prominent dive site and must on any liveaboard cruise here in komodo.

    Location: South of southernmost part of Komodo Island
    Conditions: Can be rough
    Visibility: 15 to 25 meters
    Depth: 5 to 40 meters