Manta Alley

  • Manta Alley

    If you want to see a magnificent giant fish, here in Manta Alley is the recommended dive site where you will find large concentration of manta rays in the ocean.

    This dive site is usually marked with sharks, large giant trevallies and beautiful coral. Aside from mantas, school of fusiliers, giant jack fishes are often present as well as the turtles, whitetip sharks and snappers. Very often, lots of manta rays may be seen feeding in the month of January and September. Best for diving and snorkeling is the tiny rock island situated in the southern Komodo bay.

    Manta Alley is constantly one of the most commonly requested dives in Komodo.

    Location: South coast of Komodo Island.
    Conditions: Can be choppy
    Visibility: 10 to 20 meters
    Depth: 5 to 30 meters