• Pillarsteen

    If you’re looking for a great dive site, Pillarsteen is the best choice to spend your holiday vacation. You will enjoy each dive because this site is covered with several types of colourful corals and sponges.

    Pillarsteen or Pillar Rock is made up of wall, pinnacles, caves and sloping reefs. Dive at the south, you’ll find a series of chimneys, rocky outcrops and caves. You can also encounter a huge boxfish, angel fish and a midnight snappers. At the west of the wall of this dive site is decorated with sea fans, sea squirts, sponges with the touched of colourful soft corals.

    In the shallow part of the wall ends and turn into a sloping reef. A lot of massive soft brown leather corals are here and witness tiny bright yellow sea cucumbers added mainly to the corals that seem like members of sea slug family.

    The divers in this area are advised to take care while diving because of its strong currents.

    Location: South east of Padar Island
    Conditions: Sometimes rough
    Visibility: 5 to 20 meters
    Depth: 5 to 40 meters