Red Beach

  • Red Beach

    If you want to experience an excellent diving or snorkeling, Red Beach in Komodo offers a nice place for you to relax and see the wonderful underwater life. It is called Red Beach because most of the sand is red in color.

    This site is located in front of the dragon feeding station, across the Bay of Komodo Village. Just a few steps from the beach front, you will find the best spot where many stinging hydroids and green branching cup corals in the reef slope. Here you can see lots of fish with different varieties and these are the regal angelfish, yellow damsels, masked unicornfish, checkerboard wrasse and schooling fish like striped fusiliers and beautiful set of gorgonian fans, sponges and acripora corals. Other common sea creatures are shrimp gobbies, crocodilefish, burrowing jawfish caring their broods of eggs in their agape mouths.

    Explore this wonderful dive site; it will surely give you an exciting and unforgettable experience.

    Location: Eastern part of Komodo Island
    Conditions: Calm
    Visibility: 5 to 15 meters
    Depth: 5 to 25 meters