Tatawa Island

  • Tatawa Island

    Diving at the north of komodo, you’ll find this dive spot that consist of two island and these are the Tatawa Besar and Tatawa Kecil. The two islands offer a great opportunity of fun diving.

    Tatawa Besar or “Big Tatawa” is a small island where you’ll find dazzling orange soft corals and plentiful fish life while mantas are just like to be often seen. Lion fish are also spotted in this area. Watch out the giant trevallies, black tail barracudas, black tip reef sharks and green turtles that can be seen everywhere as you navigate the site.The current in Tatawa Besar runs from north to south, possible to drift down the north shore of it from the same access point.

    Tatawa Kecil or “Little Tatawa” is another small island that offers an incredible snorkeling and a chance to explore the vibrant shallow coral gardens occupied with anthias. Many reef fish as well as snappers, jacks, large groupers, sweetlips and sharks are spotted in each dive. However, on the southern part of it, manta rays are often seen.

    Tatawa Kecil is the anthias capital of the world.

    Location: North Komodo
    Conditions: Can be rough
    Visibility: 15 to 25 meters
    Depth: 5 to 40 meters